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We are an agency that offers drone services. With our portfolio we offer a wide range of services from drone photography for advertising purposes, film productions to surveying services. From the idea to the finished result, we fly everything from FPV to heavy-lifters. With our creativity and technical expertise we are unique.

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UAV flight pictures from the bird's eye view for Nuremberg & surroundings

Drone pilots from Nuremberg

The history of Nuremberg is best captured from above, as you can see all the cultural buildings from there. The beautiful Bavarian landscape can also be optimally combined with the impressive city centre, so that your drone shots from Nuremberg show the city in its full glory.

In a city with more than half a million inhabitants, life is raging at all times, so you can only keep an overview and capture every situation optimally from the air. Especially at live events and other events, your drone shots of Nuremberg combine many small details to create an effective overall atmosphere that will convince your target group.

Drone photography from Schwaig near Nuremberg

Affordable & yet highly professional. 4K filming directly from the air by certified drone pilots. Whether raw footage or with editing and post-production.

For industry, private projects & events: drone footage is always a spectacular highlight.

Drone flights throughout Germany

Our drone pilots go wherever you need them. With state-of-the-art technology, we fly for you everywhere, in Germany and beyond.

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